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Become a member

By joining the The Estonian Creditors Association you will be able to improve the business environment, make it more transparent and ethical. Participation in discussions and meetings enables to develop amendments for the improvement of the business environment to be submitted to the ministries.

Concurrently you will be receive continuously updated information essential to creditors like the black list of the management board members, the latest information about bankrupt enterprises, the descriptions of scams, various analysis and many other things. This kind of information is essential in order to avoid wrong credit decisions.

Why become a member of the The Estonian Creditors Association?

  • You get the protection provided to the members of the association! Protection of the creditor.
  • Together we improve the business environment in Estonia by introducing amendments in legal acts.
  • You get a possibility to contribute to projects promoting entrepreneurship.
  • You can make the enterprise stand out by active participation in the activities of the association.
  • You get an access to useful information – concurrently updated databases, newsletters and informative materials.
  • Members get services with the best price.
  • We organise trainings to the members pursuant to their wishes.
  • You get a possibility to improve partnership relations and find new partners.
  • You get a possibility to communicate with other members professionally and non-professionally.
  • You get a possibility to act together in the interests of all creditors!