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Our people

Marie Rosin

Member of Management Board

The creator of the portal inforegister.ee and the co-author of the algorithm models of the credit analysis. Marie started her career in the banking sector and has a 20-year-long experience in the management of finance. While providing services to big companies, she developed her skills in the management of current assets and credit analysis, with what she has been dealing for the last fifteen years. Marie has the Master’s Degree in business management from Tartu University with the specialisation in the management of finance.

Tambet Mullari

Member of Management Board

Sworn lawyer, member of the Estonian Bar Association since 1999. Tambet has a long-term experience in the representation of multiple creditors and debtors and has successfully participated in corresponding court proceedings. Tambet has also taken part in legislative drafting, including the development of the act dealing with the research of human gene, which was the first step in the creation of the Gene Bank. He has graduated from the Law Department of Tartu University and has a Master’s degree in law from Vrije University in Brussels.

Peep Küngas

Member of Management Board

He is the senior research fellow of the Computer Science Institute of Tartu University, the managing director of SOA Trader OÜ. Peep has been working in the area of IT-technology development for years and has a rich portfolio of extensive research work in the area. Peep has graduated from Tallinn Technical University and has a Master’s degree in the computer and systems technology and a Doctor’s degree in the information and intelligence science from the University of Natural Science and technology in Norway.