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Protection of creditors

The Estonian Creditors Association provides its members support and protection for successful activity: the association increases creditors’ credit awareness, provides a logo, informs the members about bankrupt enterprises and supports its members with a solid network of partners in order to enable the members to make important decisions.

The goal of the Estonian Creditors Association is to protect its members:
1.The use of our logo. The logo carries a practical and symbolic meaning and expresses our values. Our members may use the logo on e-mails, invoices, payment reminders and other corresponding documents.
2.Benefit to the member: the logo signals clients that debt-claims are managed and professional support to members is guaranteed – immediate intervention in case of a problem.
3.Benefit to the member’s partners: a document carrying a logo gives an additional sense of safety giving evidence of a reliable partner, whose values exclude inappropriate business relations. The benefits to the member of the association are multiple and reflected in business relations!
4.Increase of the creditors’ credit awareness. We provide our members claim analysis free of charge. One of our goals is to increase creditors’ awareness of credit risks and their prevention.
5.Bankrupt enterprises and the black list of management board members. It includes bankrupt enterprises, which activity is not sustainable and cooperation with which may cause problems or require participate in bankruptcy proceedings. The black list of the management board members warns of entrepreneurs whose activity has caused permanent insolvency of the enterprise.
6.Support to the member. We consolidate a solid network of partners to protect members’ interests; our partners are carefully selected professionals.
7.Newsletter of the association. Regularly issued leaflets and newsletters about important events with partners’ propositions, training and events of the association. Urgent information is delivered to the members at the first possibility.
8.Member’s certificate. Every year we issue a certificate to confirm membership, the certificate gives an additional signal to the member’s partners and clients that the debt-claims are managed and the professional support to the member is ensured – immediate intervention in case of a problem.