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Together we can change

Together we can improve the business environment. We organise discussions, conferences and meetings to find the best solution for enhancing legal policy. On this page you find: surveys and articles, amendments of acts and their progress, invitations to discussion panels and presentation of opinions.

Receivables are the greatest problem of Estonian companies. It happens too often that a creditor is deprived of his/her goods or money and has to admit the claim as non-receivable and finally write it off. The anger and resentment of those, who have been cheated, is reflected in the press. Why is this problem still a burning issue in Estonia? The economic and legal environments have been developing, we have experienced crisis and seen rapid economic growth, and we have access to the best practices of other countries. Despite everything there are many bankruptcy proceedings in Estonia as the result of which the majority of claims remain unsatisfied.

The goal of the The Estonian Creditors Association is not to serve the interests of one or another target group but to make the environment more transparent and make it more difficult to cause criminal insolvency. Undoubtedly, any change concerns entrepreneurs in the same way irrespective of their law compliance. Hence, it is important to find a reasonable balance between new obligations and the profit proceeding from them.